A place where my angst, over-acting teenager feelings will explode upon this website wall. And these feelings, certainly because of certain young adult books, will no longer be hidden. Enjoy.


About? Who invented the word About? It’s hard to know yourself yenno. But, I guess all you need to know about me is that I’m a picky reader. And I only read books that don’t make me yawn.

I like a book that jumps right into action, forget about the normal beginning of a book, introducing a character or such and what they do for living or how normal they are. (Ugh. That’s soooo boring, if you ask me).

If you’d like to recommend a book to me! PLEASE. I NEED MORE ADVENTURE.

Also, if you’re wondering what genre I’m interested in. You’ll find out soon, once I post my blogs.


Hey, this is a contact page if you ever want to talk to me! I seriously don’t bite.